Here is the official schedule for the 2015 Keene Music Festival; happening on Saturday, September 5th!!.


(Please keep in mind that our performer schedule is a very fluid thing; and there may be changes between now and the actual event.  It's subject to change without notice, your milage may vary, not responsible for typographical, spelling or grammatical errors; though we do tend to use our words real good..... )

Friday Night
7:30-9:00 Christa Renee Band-reggae rock

City Tire
1:30-2:15Ghost Dinner Band- alt grunge
2:30-3:15Sleeping Terms-progressive pop
3:30-4:15The Fatalities- punk
4:30-5:15TRAG- alterna prog
5:30-6:15Kennedy Drive-heavy rock
6:30-7:15 Seven Spires- thetarical metal
7:30-8:15SEMI- rock metal
8:30-9:30Lobotomobile- oozy horror metal

Monadnock Food Co-op
12:15-1:00Santa Croce- indie folk
1:15-2:00Etna Old Time- old time bluegrass
2:15-3:00The Pilgrims- rock
3:15-4:00Little Ugly- alternative bear music
4:15-5:00Jessica Smucker- singer songwriter
5:15-6:15Thread City String Band- old time acoustic

6:30-7:30The Brotha Cats- rock

7:45-8:45- Brothers for Life-rock

Railroad Square
11:45-12:30 Crazy Cows- mooving pop
12:45-1:30  Charlie Brady- singer songwriter
1:45-2:30   Chodus- alt punk
2:45-3:30Hanging Scarlet-  prog rock
3:45-4:30The Fawns-jangly pop
4:45-5:30   Sunny Lowdown-blues
5:45-6:30Birds of Flame-jazz
6:45-7:30The Snaz- indie rock
7:45-8:30The Color Orange-basement rock
8:45-9:45Jake McKelvie & The Countertops-    fuzzy bunny alt rock


Keene Public Library:  Heberton Hall
8:00 Keene Chamber Orchestra- classical

12:00-12:45Incurable Semantics- folk country
1:00-1:45Zombie Beatdown- punk
2:00-2:45Jared McCloud- singer songwriter
3:00-3:45Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli- singer songwriter
4:00-4:45Version 6- power pop
5:00-5:45Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch- roots rock
6:00-6:45The Lied To’s- indie
7:00-7:45Hug the Dog- indie rock
8:00-9:00Hemlock- Metal

Center @ Colony Mill
12:45-1:30 Marcus and a Meerkat- psychcoustic
1:45-2:30   Yeehaw Jihad- heavy rock
2:45-3:30Upstart Crows- singer songwriter
3:45-4:30Immune Friction- surf grunge
4:45-5:45Kurtosis- metal punk
6:00-7:00ADHD- indie jam band

Lamson Street
12:45-1:30 The Manakins- acoustic
1:45-2:30Daniel Miller- singer songwriter
2:45-3:30Baba Ray- groove funk blues
3:45-4:30BC3- jazz
4:45-5:30Molly Brule- singer songwriter
5:45-6:30American Beauties- folk rock
6:45-7:30Modern Fools- indie rock
7:45-8:30Lines West- roots pop


Art in the Park
10:30-11:30Brian Dickens- singer songwriter
11:45-12:45Rick Gottlieb-instrumental
1:00-2:00   Mike McGowan Band- indie
2:15-3:15 Jeff Przech- singer songwriter

Lindy’s Diner
1:45-2:30Intonition- jazz
2:45-3:30Dave Hogan- singer songwriter
3:45-4:30Chris Dixon- singer songwriter
4:45-5:30Zach Benton- singer songwriter

5:45-6:45Sarah Yzkanen- singer songwriter

7:00-7:45 Almanac Mountain- prog pop

Miller Brothers-Newton
11:15-12:00 Joe Sansone- singer songwriter

12:15-1:00Phileep- acoustic
1:15-2:00Vice-President- indie rock
2:15-3:00Alice Limoges- singer songwriter
3:15-4:00Michael Graham- singer songwriter
4:15-5:15 Folksoul Duo- folk trombone

Keene State College @ Keene U.C.C.
12:30-1:15 Humanwine- muzik
1:30-2:15The Wonderbeards- folk
2:30-3:15Pacing Pluto- alt rock

3:30-4:15Shadwell- singer songwriter
4:30-5:15Ned and The Dirt- alt rock
5:30-6:15The Youngest Sun- alt jam

6:30-7:30Honest Thieves- rock

7:45-8:30 The Forz- rock

Green Energy Options:  Wicked Music Metal Stage

12:15-1:00Don't Cross The Streams

1:15-1:55 The Holy Terror

2:15-2:55 Heavy Necker

3:15-3:55 Granite Mouth

4:15-4:55 Thaumaturgist

5:15-5:55 Goblet

6:15-6:55 Seven Spires

Sumner Knight Chapel

2:00Manchester Community Music School- classical

2:20 Jose Lezcano and Lauren Weiner- classical

2:40 Monadnock Chorus Chamber Singers- classical choral

3:00 Keene Vocal Consort- Medieval Renaissance

3:20 Decatur Creek- americana

4:00 Mixed Company (Keene Pops Choir)- a capella choral

4:20 Song of the Lark- world

UCC Sanctuary

12:00 Organ Concert- classical

3:00 Ringers on the Square- classical

Art in the Park Sunday:

11:00AM Matthew Hunter- singer songwriter

12:00PM Crabgrass- folkgrass

1:15PM Jared Hanrahan- eclectic










The Sixteenth Stage: 

Sign up for a 20 minute slot at this stage on the day of the event at the Performer Check In; right in front of Hannah Grimes Market.   We'll tell you where it is then.....