Here is a full schedule of this weekend's plans to help you plan your own stage-crawl!

Railroad Square Kick-Off
5:00pm Signpost & ADHD

Sumner Knight Chapel Choral Kick-Off!
7:00pm Featuring:
Keene Vocal ConsortAnimaterra Women's Chorus Chamber Singers of KeeneMonadnock Chorus Chamber Singers and the Nelson Shape Note Singers

Miller Brothers Newton
10:45am Jim Butler & Michelle Davis (Yoga)
12:15pm Ryan Williamson Music
1:45pm Michael Graham Music
3:15pm Markus and the Meerkat
4:45pm Melodious Zach 
6:15pm Andy & Judy

Lamson Street Stage
11:00am Quincy Lord Band
12:30pm Aqua Hamster
2:00pm Brothers for Life
3:30pm Trag
5:00pm Steve Volkmann 
6:30pm split/halves

Co-Op Stage
11:15am Crabgrass
12:45pm Alice Limoges 
2:15pm Electrio 
3:45pm Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch 
5:15pm Decatur Creek 
6:45pm The Danbees

Central Square Gazebo
1:00pm Chodus 
2:30pm Psych Unit 
4:00pm The I.Z.A. @inevitablezombieapocalypse
5:30pm Version Six
7:00pm Granite Mouth

City Tire Stage
12:00pm Silence The Individual
1:15pm S.E.M.I. @sideeffectsmayinclude
2:30pm jonee earthquake band
3:45pm Kurtosis
5:00pm Zombie Beatdown
6:15pm The Fatalitees
7:30pm Lobotomobile

Railroad Square
10:30am Zanios
12L00pm Senie Hunt-Musician 
1:30pm Solar Sisters
3:00pm Totally Submerged 
4:30pm BandBand 
6:00pm Jake McKelvie & the Countertops 
7:30pm Kennedy Drive

Farmer’s Market
Craig Dallas Rice

Lindy’s Diner
1:00pm Eyes of Ages
2:00pm Immune Friction 
3:00pm Baba Ray

Art in the Park
Acoustic Breezes
@Melodious Zach