A Message from the Director:

P.O.Box 583

Keene, NH 03431

(603) 499-7435



Dear Friends, 

  I am writing this letter to you (yes, you) to say a bit about who we are and what we do.  The Keene Music Festival is a gift to the community that gives back.   Now in its twelfth year, the Keene Music Festival has gone from a small group of performers on a truck bed to almost ninety acts playing at thirteen venues in and around downtown Keene; all free to the public.   The music covers all styles and features both local and regional acts.  Performers from around New England ask to be part of what happens here, with many acts wanting to come back year after year.  When asked why, many of the out of town performers say that it’s because Keene is a special place, and the people here treat them so well.


  This is significant, because most of these performers talk about Keene, the town and the people after they leave here.  They talk about what the town does to support music and how well it treats them.  They talk about our downtown, or parks, and our people.  They see the specialness of the town and of this yearly event.  They keep coming back year after year, because they like what happens here.  It’s a special celebration in a special place.


  The motto of the Keene Music Festival is, “Creating Community Through Music.”  Towards that goal, we have developed a series of free Friday evening and Saturday afternoon concerts during the summer on Railroad Square and Robin Hood Park, a concert series to raise funds for the renovation of the Sumner Knight Chapel in Westlawn Cemetery, and a series of fundraising concerts whose goal is to raise funds for local charities.  We are an all volunteer organization that believes in giving back to our community and in paying forward, in our own way, to help build a better place to live for all of us.  We have no paid administrative staff, and all of the funds we collect go towards what’s needed to create events that benefit the community.  We do all of these things on a budget a fraction of the size of other events of this size and scope, because we believe in our community and want to do our part to make it shine.  But, in order to do all these things, we need your support.


  You can help us in these efforts by making a donation to the Keene Music Festival.  Anything that you can give helps us to bring music to Keene and the community and to support other worthwhile organizations.  It’s a gift that gives back to the community and to you.  This year, we are fortunate to be partnering with Southwestern Community Services, who will be acting as our fiscal agent for donations.  Through this partnership, your donation will be tax deductible.  You can make your tax deductible donation by sending a check to Southwestern Community Services; and include the words:  KMF 2012 in memo line. The address to send your donation to is:


Keene Music Festival

c/o Southwestern Community Services

P.O. Box 603

Keene, NH 03431


Or you can make a donation by contacting a Keene Music Festival representative by email, at our website, or even face to face. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do (and how you can help), feel free to contact me at: keenemusicfestival@gmail.com


  Music is a joy worth sharing and a gift worth giving.  Community is something we all need to invest in to keep it healthy and make it grow.  Help us to give and to make our community a brighter place.


Yours in the Music,


Kevin Dremel

for the Keene Music Festival