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The Little Music Festival That Could 

The Keene Music Festival is back, and ready to bring some of the best original music from local and regional artists again this year, on Saturday, September 1, 2018. In the works are FIVE stages in the downtown area hosting about 40 acts throughout the afternoon and evening.

Here it is folks the modified  2018 KMF SCHEDULE.  Keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change, weather, astrological anomalies, the whims of the muses, and just about anything else that can some up.

11.15 Version 6
12:30  Electrio
2:15  TRAG
3:45 Hemlock
5:15 Tom Forst
6:45 Tumbletoads
8:15 Kennedy Drive

10:00 Marcus & The Meerkats
11:30 Chodus
1:00  Crabgrass
2:30  Aqua Hamster
4:00 Immune Friction
5:30 Quincy Lord Band
7:00 Oomo Oomo

11:00 Solar Sisters
12:30 Kota
2:00 Ian Gallipeau
3:30 Crazy Cowz
5:00 Brian Dickens
6:30 Melodious Zach
8:00 Zero Front

11:00 Leap The Dips
12:30 The 123’s
2:00 Afterimage
3:30  Totally Submerged
5:00  Reverend Dan & The Dirty Catachism
6:30 Nimble Pines
8:00 Jake McKelvie & The Countertops

11:30  Future Fable
1:00 The Sequoias
2:30  Psych Unit
4:00  Granite Mouth
5:30 SEMI
7:00  Zombie Beatdown
8:15 Lobotomobile

11:00  Bill Wolston
11:45  Mike Bradley
12:30  Sonic Soundscape
 1:15  Ross Arnold  
2:00 Neptune’s Car  
2:45  Dan and Faith
3:30. Picket Hill  
4:15. Julie Snow  
5:00. Volkert Volkersz  


We have recently joined forces with the the local community to create the Monadnock Fall Festival. The Monadnock Fall Festival is a community event to celebrate all that makes the Monadnock area special. This event will include music, theater, art, poetry, agriculture, small businesses, education and all of the other things that make our area unique; and the things that make our area a place to be proud of. The Monadnock Fall Festival is a way for all of us to celebrate ourselves, and get to know all of the interesting resources that are located within the Monadnock area. Visit our page and our social media!


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