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Jake McKelvie and the Countertops & Doctor Gasp: The Sumner Knight Series

  • Sumner Knight Chapel 0 Chapel Drive Keene, NH 03431 US (map)

The Sumner Knight Series is music in its natural form. Located in the beautiful Sumner Knight Chapel at the Woodland NED Cemetery in Keene, NH, the series in a wonderful acoustic environment; without amplifiers, PAs or any type of electronic enhancement. This allows the audience to hear the music in the way it was developed.

Suggested donation is $10.00, with all profits going towards the renovation of the Chapel. Student discounts available at the door, and you can get a discount by bringing a canned good to donate to the local food pantry ($1 per can for up to three cans; though you can pay it forward for someone else).

For you GPS and/or mappy types, the Chapel's address is:

0 Chapel DriveKeene, NH 03431

This sessions performers are:

Jake Mckelvie and the Countertops

"They’re a busy band, Jake McKelvie and The Countertops. They drive their bouncy indie-rock all over New England. As a result, Solid Chunks of Energy has a show-honed tightness. 
Jake writes words that fit his voice: morose, indignant, and above-all, weird. He sings as a character perpetually fed-up, someone petty and selfish.  His long lines and constant rhyming brings to mind the most playful side of Bob Dylan. The words convey a real sense of a mind wandering, sometimes to claims as strange as, “Just forget about watching over me because I am the one who guards the angels.” You just never know where he’s going with something.

The band (wisely) prioritizes the lyrics, playing a rocking, supportive backdrop. The drums impel the right amount of punk-rock out of the upbeat songs, but settle in nicely for the slower songs. The bass follows the Ben Folds Five precedent for indie rock trios––getting away with more showiness than would fly if there were another guitar or if Jake were a busier guitarist. Overall, the rhythm section finds a good balance, rewarding but not stealing your attention with the music behind the verses. A variety of bass tones help prevent the album from settling into one flavor. "

                                                                  (excerpt of review by Tyler Burdwood)

Doctor Gasp

Do you distaste the flavor of wax lips? Throat sore from cackling like a phantom? Well... don't lose your head! Haunting can be daunting... and to be Frank; a pain in the neck! This season leave all the ghoulishness to that maniacal minstrel... Doctor Gasp! Beneath the mask of this phantom is a New England folk musician Dan Blakeslee with his unique bag of all original songs of Halloween oozing with vampires and ghastly creeps.