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The 2015 Keene Music Festival

  • 0 Railroad Square Keene, NH 03431 (map)

Now in its fifteenth year, the Keene Music Festival is a unique event in the New England area. Featuring over seventy bands at fourteen performance areas, the Keene Music Festival is one of the largest free music festivals around. The event features a wide array of musical styles, allowing the audience to walk around the downtown Keene area and listen to a wide variety of musical styles. It is truly a special day of music in a special town. We'll be posting a link to the schedule soon!The Keene Music Festival is an all volunteer effort; with all of the organizing staff, performers and local merchants contributing to create the event. Performers are a mix of local and regional performers; both up and coming artists and "alumni" acts who enjoy coming back to be part of the event. The actual Keene Music Festival occurs every Labor Day weekend, and makes a wonderful way to end the summer season.


Our Lineup!

Friday Night
7:30-9:00 Christa Renee Band-reggae rock


City Tire
1:30-2:15Ghost Dinner Band- alt grunge
2:30-3:15Sleeping Terms-progressive pop
3:30-4:15The Fatalities- punk
4:30-5:15TRAG- alterna prog
5:30-6:15Kennedy Drive-heavy rock
6:30-7:15 Seven Spires- thetarical metal
7:30-8:15SEMI- rock metal
8:30-9:30Lobotomobile- oozy horror metal

Monadnock Food Co-op
12:15-1:00Santa Croce- indie folk
1:15-2:00Etna Old Time- old time bluegrass
2:15-3:00The Pilgrims- rock
3:15-4:00Little Ugly- alternative bear music
4:15-5:00Jessica Smucker- singer songwriter
5:15-6:15Thread City String Band- old time acoustic

6:30-7:30The Brotha Cats- rock

7:45-8:45- Brothers for Life-rock

Railroad Square
11:45-12:30 Crazy Cows- mooving pop
12:45-1:30  Charlie Brady- singer songwriter
1:45-2:30   Chodus- alt punk
2:45-3:30Hanging Scarlet-  prog rock
3:45-4:30The Fawns-jangly pop
4:45-5:30   Sunny Lowdown-blues
5:45-6:30Birds of Flame-jazz
6:45-7:30The Snaz- indie rock
7:45-8:30The Color Orange-basement rock
8:45-9:45Jake McKelvie & The Countertops-    fuzzy bunny alt rock

Keene Public Library:  Heberton Hall
8:00 Keene Chamber Orchestra- classical

12:00-12:45Incurable Semantics- folk country
1:00-1:45Zombie Beatdown- punk
2:00-2:45Jared McCloud- singer songwriter
3:00-3:45Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli- singer songwriter
4:00-4:45Version 6- power pop
5:00-5:45Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch- roots rock
6:00-6:45The Lied To’s- indie
7:00-7:45Hug the Dog- indie rock
8:00-9:00Hemlock- Metal

Center @ Colony Mill
12:45-1:30 Marcus and a Meerkat- psychcoustic
1:45-2:30   Yeehaw Jihad- heavy rock
2:45-3:30Upstart Crows- singer songwriter
3:45-4:30Immune Friction- surf grunge
4:45-5:45Kurtosis- metal punk
6:00-7:00ADHD- indie jam band

Lamson Street
12:45-1:30 The Manakins- acoustic
1:45-2:30Daniel Miller- singer songwriter
2:45-3:30Baba Ray- groove funk blues
3:45-4:30BC3- jazz
4:45-5:30Molly Brule- singer songwriter
5:45-6:30American Beauties- folk rock
6:45-7:30Modern Fools- indie rock
7:45-8:30Lines West- roots pop

Art in the Park
10:30-11:30Brian Dickens- singer songwriter
11:45-12:45Rick Gottlieb-instrumental
1:00-2:00   Mike McGowan Band- indie
2:15-3:15 Jeff Przech- singer songwriter

Lindy’s Diner
1:45-2:30Intonition- jazz
2:45-3:30Dave Hogan- singer songwriter
3:45-4:30Chris Dixon- singer songwriter
4:45-5:30Zach Benton- singer songwriter

5:45-6:45Sarah Yzkanen- singer songwriter

7:00-7:45 Almanac Mountain- prog pop

Miller Brothers-Newton
11:15-12:00 Joe Sansone- singer songwriter

12:15-1:00Phileep- acoustic
1:15-2:00Vice-President- indie rock
2:15-3:00Alice Limoges- singer songwriter
3:15-4:00Michael Graham- singer songwriter
4:15-5:15 Folksoul Duo- folk trombone

Keene State College @ Keene U.C.C.
12:30-1:15 Humanwine- muzik
1:30-2:15The Wonderbeards- folk
2:30-3:15Pacing Pluto- alt rock

3:30-4:15Shadwell- singer songwriter
4:30-5:15Ned and The Dirt- alt rock
5:30-6:15The Youngest Sun- alt jam

6:30-7:30Honest Thieves- rock

7:45-8:30 The Forz- rock

Green Energy Options:  Wicked Music Metal Stage

12:15-1:00Don't Cross The Streams

1:15-1:55 The Holy Terror

2:15-2:55 Heavy Necker

3:15-3:55 Granite Mouth

4:15-4:55 Thaumaturgist

5:15-5:55 Goblet

6:15-6:55 Seven Spires


Sumner Knight Chapel

2:00Manchester Community Music School- classical

2:20 Jose Lezcano and Lauren Weiner- classical

2:40 Monadnock Chorus Chamber Singers- classical choral

3:00 Keene Vocal Consort- Medieval Renaissance

3:20 Decatur Creek- americana

4:00 Mixed Company (Keene Pops Choir)- a capella choral

4:20 Song of the Lark- world

UCC Sanctuary

12:00 Organ Concert- classical

3:00 Ringers on the Square- classical

Art in the Park Sunday:

11:00AM Matthew Hunter- singer songwriter

12:00PM Crabgrass- folkgrass

1:15PM Jared Hanrahan- eclectic