Eric Gagne: Passerine, Death to Tyrants, Dwellers on the Treshhold

     Eric Gagne has been making music since he was 14.  Twenty years later, he continues to write, record, and tour –as well as book shows, organize The Thing in the Spring and run the music department at the Peterborough Toadstool Bookshop.

     This spring season has kept Eric very busy. He solos as Passerine, which grew out of his project Redwing Blackbird, a duo with friend Austin Wright, and occasionally other musicians.  “Passerine refers to the order of perching songbirds,” Eric explained.  “When Austin needed to downshift I wanted to do a project by myself that was related to Redwing Blackbird”.  He just finished a tour as Passerine and has two releases: The Procession, released late in 2012 and 50, just released in April. Both can be downloaded from Bandcamp, and they are also available on cassette. 

     Eric talked about his work with two other bands. “Death to Tyrants is an instrumental / experimental band.  We toured in May and are recording a new release.”  You can find their other albums on Bandcamp.  “Dweller on the Threshold is members of Death to Tyrants, Ampere, Daniel Striped Tiger and other hardcore bands I used to tour with. We don’t tour, we record LP’s.  We all live in different parts of the New England area so we can’t have regular band practice. Every few months we get together and when we have enough songs we send it off to get mixed and we have a new record.  We are working on our third recording.”

Eric feels his music is influenced by living in the Monadnock region and he is happy to call Peterborough his home. “I like living here.  This is one of the reasons why I do The Thing in the Spring– I don’t want to live in a city. I like the idea of bringing this music here.”

Click for links:   Passerine   Dweller on the Threshold      Death to Tyrants  

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