Blue Brown

Blue BrownBlue Brown has had an illustrious career as a flugelhorn player, performing & recording with some of the greatest musicians in the US & Europe. He has most recently participated in Wednesday night Jam Sessions at The Vermont Jazz Center, playing on standards in the Bebop style. His portfolio includes early club and studio sessions with Carmell Jones and Pony Poindexter, playing jazz venues in Berlin. He co-founded & led a 10-piece progressive rock group in Berlin, which moved to London, recorded an album and went on to tour Europe, as "The Gasoline Band" in the early 1970's.

Blue Brown's work in the US has included performing and recording with the Steve Bauer Orchestra in Boston, with whom he was featured trumpet soloist, and performing with Volo Volo, a Haitian Touring Band. He subbed in LA's Ladd MacIntosh Bigband trumpet section and successfully auditioned for the jazz trumpet soloist chair on The Ray Charles Orchestra (pending a possible tour opening) just before being called to Miami, to play in a show band on the T.S.S. Carnival Cruise Liner in the Caribbeans. He has played coast to coast - Boston, New York, Miami, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. Blue Brown's work has included most genres of music - jazz, R&B, classical, world, pop/rock and alternative.

Blue Brown attended the Berklee College of Music and Keene State College. He continues to be available to participate in musical projects as a sideman or featured artist on Flugelhorn with added skills and experience as a composer, lyricist and vocalist in a wide variety of musical situations, with a focus on creative modern American music in any genre.

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