Butterfly Swing Band

Butterfly Swing BandThe Butterfly Swing Band plays joyous dance music with a classic swing groove. The band's repertoire features tunes by such legends as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cole Porter and Benny Goodman. Our goal is to create harmony between their music and you, the dancer, in a way that allows you to improvise and syncopate to the live swing jazz era dance music we love to play. Our song tempos and rhythms vary so they can warm you up and cool you down. The music is creative yet rhythmically solid, with an uncluttered texture and an unfettered spirit. Dancers experience our music as exuberant, playful, sensous and joyful just like the swing of the 20's, 30's & 40's ---music with life, spirit, pulse and passion with an infectious rhythm that reaches out to you, the dancer, & invites you in to celebrate and play.

Dance To... East Coast Swing, Fox Trot, Lindy Hop, or just make it up! ...and if you like, Waltz or West Coast Swing numbers can be requested as well!

Members of the Band

Scott Sizer - Trumpet Walter Slowinski - Clarinet and Alto Sax Mark Anagnostopulos - Guitar and Vocals Lynn Lovell - Bass Joe LoMonaco - Drums

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