The Chatfield Phoenix

Chatfield Phoenix with permission from Hear and There PhotographyThe Chatifeld Phoenix nests in the gentle woodlands of Southern New Hampshire constructing original music from influences woven in and out of time with a needle dipped in Americana, shambling bluesy weirdness, and staccato space gypsy rhythms, mixed around with some off-beat cover songs for good measure. Adam Phoenix was crooning jazz tunes in a pizza parlor when the multi-talented Seth William Chatfield happened by. The rest, as they say, is history. The Chatfield Phoenix released their first album, "Nest of Bones" June 2014. It is available for purchase on iTunes, CDBaby, & Amazon among others.

 (c) Hear and There Photography CC BY 3.0 US



Members of the Band

Adam Phoenix - Vocals Seth Chatfield - Guitar, Vocals

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Available Music

Chatfield Phoenix Nest of Bones