Cheshiremen Chorus

Cheshiremen Chorus 2 The Keene Chapter and the Cheshiremen Chorus is proudly recognized as one of the region’s premier choral organizations encompassing the Barbershop Harmony Society’s vision of an ever-growing, singing fraternity, drawn together by love of the four-part, a cappella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop. The Cheshiremen perpetuate the barbershop style of music and our chapter through a strong, ever-improving music program that provides continuous education to our members, and through dynamic, entertaining performances on stage, in halls, streets, and fields throughout the region, wherever the opportunity exists for wholesome, unplugged vocal harmony. The Cheshiremen Chorus endeavors be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music in our education systems and in our communities, as a lifelong recreational activity and an essential element in one’s cultural being. For members, we maintain a well-rounded program, blending together singing, performing, family functions, quartetting, music education and fellowship, promoting fun and opportunity for musical improvement. We view divisional and district contests as opportunities to quantify our progress in musical presentation and singing, and compete only to meter our goals of constantly improving our own presentation and performances. Our music directors are Jim Kirschner and Mark Brosseau.

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Cheshiremen Chorus Ahhh Capella