Clint Pecor Champions and Creates Local Music

[feather_share] March 29, 2015


Clint Pecor performing

Clint Pecor is a recognized guitarist, festival organizer, sound engineer and studio engineer from Charlestown. An impressive resume for any musician, even more when you are still a teenager with no formal training.

Clint began playing guitar at 12 years and practiced intensely. “My parents bought me my first guitar,” said Clint.   They were - and are still - immensely supportive of what I do and come to all my shows.” Clint joined hard rock / metal band Dethavesk a year later and the trio played together for six years.  During their career they recorded two full-length, 12 track studio albums; A Thousand Years Gone in 2012 and Unhindered in 2013. The band played together until August 2013 when - lead vocalist and bass player Adam Kroian decided he wanted to go to college. “We felt it was only right to let it be and not continue with another vocalist,” explained Clint. “But it was definitely a great journey and we played countless shows, meeting a ton of cool people, opening up for national act Brand New Sin, and releasing two CD’s along the way.”

Clint’s solo career started serendipitously about 3 years ago.  “Dethavesk was scheduled to play a show with Yeehaw Jihad and my band mates had to back out last minute. I had never performed acoustic in front of people before, but gave it a shot with the short set list of songs I had.” With positive audience feedback. Clint began building up his repertoire of cover songs, ranging from rock/alternative to pop.  He regularly plays in local venues, including Local Burger in Keene NH, Pleasant Valley Brewing in Saxtons River, VT and the Windsor Station Restaurant in Windsor VT.  His shows are typically 3-4 hours in length.

2012 was a big year for Clint. First, Brian Joy, co- creator of Cider Magazine, invited Clint to perform with rap artist RealEyez and DJ Zach Crawford of SkySplitterInk at the 2012 Cider Mag Awards. At the time, he was unaware of being nominated for Favorite Guitarist.  Not only did the performance, which was held at the Paramount Theater in Rutland, VT, go well; Clint ended up receiving the fan voted award for Favorite Guitarist. That night he also received the staff voted award for Ultimate Fan of the Year for his efforts to help out the music community.

That same year, Clint started working with Scott Hagar, of retail store and live sound company SRH SoundWorks. “When I first started I knew some about the technical side of live sound reinforcement,” said Clint, “but not much. I am very grateful for Scott’s showing me the ropes and getting me really involved in the business. It's a whole different element doing live sound for shows, rather being in the shows themselves. There's never a dull moment.” In addition to some restaurants and clubs, he has done sound at the Claremont Opera House, Newport Opera House, and 2014 Brewfest and several restaurants and clubs.

Clint has been studying and working in professional studio recording for about 4 years.  “I started taking it really seriously when Dethavesk recorded our second studio album,” recalled Clint. “We worked with Chris Mack of Mackay Productions. I expressed my interests in the art of recording, mixing, and mastering to him and he has been nothing but supportive ever since.” Clint has worked with several artists in the area, most notably with NH metal band Don't Cross The Streams, and progressive metal band The Aberration from Chester, VT. Recently Clint and Scott Hagar co-founded SRH SoundWorks Studios, a new recording studio in Unity , NH.

The Charlestown Music Festival is a free, all-day music event that Clint has organized for the past three years.  “I've been fortunate to make connections with many local businesses to sponsor the event for the last couple years; SRH SoundWorks, Sean King Rentals, Depot Home Center (Charlestown), and several other businesses that have been so kind to donate.” Clint said he is currently in talks about setting up a 2015 festival, but nothing is set in stone yet.

While thinking back on his accomplishments, Clint also keeps an eye on the future: “It’s been almost 7 years since I picked up my first guitar. I have met cool people along the way, and had good times. I'm 19 years old now, and I hope to continue venturing into these different lines of work, while staying involved in the local music scene.” Clint said he is working on a new project with a few musicians and hoping to be ready for performances later in the year.   “As of right now we are keeping it on the down low, so people with have to keep an eye out for what I have going on next.”

For more information about Clint, visit his Facebook page.