Honest Thieves

Honest-ThievesA telemarketer, a phone geek, and a bank teller walk into a bar. Actually, it's not a bar... it's a basement. The telemarketer's parents' basement, to be exact. Anyways, they pick up some instruments. The teller starts counting (you know, because that's what tellers do). On '4', the trio launch into a monstrous riff, and they don't stop until they have finished recording a 3-song demo that will remind you what young, irreverent rock and roll is supposed to sound like. This is the story of Honest Thieves.

There is no elaborate tale about how the musical ambitions of Jon, Ian, and Justin came together – it just happened. A jam session yielded some catchy tunes and Honest Thieves was born. During a spring weekend fueled by Taco Bell and Shipyard Summer Ale, they recorded and mixed a 3-song EP called Dancing With The Sharks. They shared it with their friends and family and were met with the wild acclaim you would expect from friends and family. Inspired by the positive reception, they made DWTS available for free to the world on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, and even Myspace. Get your copy now. You'll love it. Plus, it's risk-free. Honest Thieves are, after all, honest. If you aren't completely satisfied, they'll give you your money back.

You can believe in Honest Thieves.

 Band Members

Ian Galipeau - Bass, Vocals Justin Gregory - Drums Jonathan Stephen Braught - Guitar, Vocals

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Available Music

Dancing with the Sharks EP