Hug the Dog

Hug the Dog 2014 Hug the Dog is a 5-piece rock band that echoes classic sounds of the past with a current and relevant style. They blend indie rock dance rhythms with a melodic soulful sound that provokes both the mind and body. Powerful lyrics meshed with upbeat anthems promise a lively and meaningful concert experience. Formed early 2012, Hug the Dog placed as a finalist in the Unsigned Only Competition. The band has toured extensively, performing at the CBGB festival in Brooklyn, New York and the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Closer to home, you can catch Hug the Dog at popular venues such as Harlow's Pub, and at local festivals, including Keene Music Festival and Uplift Music Festival.



Members of the Band

Jeff Costello - Drums Wes Aldrich - Vocals, Guitar Sareth Roeun - Bass guitar Leslie Shelton - Keys Whit Shonk - Guitar

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Available Music

Hug the Dog album

Hug the Dog EP