J.P. Stephen’s Restaurant And Tavern

J.P. Stephen's Restaurant & TavernLunch, dinner and Sunday brunch served in this historic 18th century mill building. Entertainment provided on the weekend. The core of the building that is J.P. Stephen’s sits on a pond and was built by a man named Asa Cole in 1790. It was one of six mills, most of which produced wooden ware, such as butter molds, match blocks, lobster traps, clothes pins, and split baskets. The mill was built during the late eighteenth century and sits on a stream that runs down from Grassy Pond to Poole Pond. This is the oldest mill still being used as a commercial business in Rindge. In fact, if you study the wide floor boards in the main dining room, you will notice some unusual markings. Some say these are hoof marks from the horses while others contend that they are old axe markings.

J.P. Stephen’s Restaurant & Tavern opened in February 2010. It is names after owner Lisa Record’s two sons; James Prescott (J.P.) and Stephen. J.P. Stephen’s is a family restaurant where you can relax, enjoy, and make wonderful memories!


377 Route 202   Rindge, NH 03461  Phone: 603-899-3322

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