LobotomobileLobotomobile is an amorphous three-piece mashup of musical styles that pulls its inspiration from any damn place it pleases. Heavily steeped in horror movies, bizarre folk legends, video games, history, medical terminology, and broadway musicals, Lobotomobile creates genre bending music peppered with samples and electronics that continuously defies definition. They believe strongly in theatricality and are intent on bringing something bigger to the stage with each performance.Formed in the spring of 2012 by Laura Koons and Matt Martel as an extension of Laura's solo work, they played as a two piece (occasionally featuring Tyler Snitko from S.E.M.I. on bass) under the name "Bloody Bunny." During the spring of 2013, David Ciccone, a veteran of the Keene music scene, joined on bass, and their name was changed to Lobotomobile, solidifying their identity as an unstoppable juggernaut.

Members of the Band

Laura Koons - Guitar, Vocals Matt Martel- Drums, Samples, Keyboards David Ciccone - Bass guitar

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