Metropolis Wine Bar

MetropolisA funky pub off of the downtown area in Brattleboro, Vermont,  Metropolis offers a variety of musical entertainment. There’s a house funk band, performances by local and regional musicians of all genres, karaoke, and an open mic. The basement houses a game room with a pool table and darts. The décor is fun with murals painted throughout the two floors – check out Superman and Wonder Woman in the main room. Metropolis is owned by Alyssa Blittersdorf and Alan Blackwell, who are both artists with a passion for good food and drink, and fine hospitality. They want to create an environment where your stress can melt away with each sip and every bite. How nice is it to have a good drink after work? Alyssa & Alan think it’s more than nice, it’s necessary.

A Charlotte, Vermont born native, Alyssa received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Alfred University and has since been working in the food service industry. She grew up with entrepreneurial parents and has always wanted to own her own business. While her graphic design creativity has helped to shape Metropolis’s new brand, her love for rich, good food went into starting the new Tapas menu.

Alan, a born and raised Manhattan, New Yorker, considers himself a budding mixologist and brings his passion and energy to Brattleboro once more. Alan received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase, and has since worked in restaurants everywhere around Vermont and New York doing everything from serving and bartending to managing. He brings dedication and commitment to professionalism at the new Metropolis!


55 Elliot Street Brattleboro, VT 05301 Phone:  (802) 254-8500

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