Otis and the Elevators

Otis and the ElevatorsOtis and the Elevators has been a staple of the region's popular music for many years. The band is fronted by harp player Otis Doncaster, who has played with such legends as Skip Philbrick and Grammy winning Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson. Otis and the Elevators brings you the blues with gritty soul and danceable beats. Their sets also include  jazz, country and folk genres - giving its audience all the best of Americana music. In addition to playing covers of some of the best blues materials ever written, the band also writes its own originals. They released a CD in 2012 and their second in 2014.      

Members of the Band

Otis Doncaster - Harp, Lead Vocals Dave Brown - Bass, Vocals Jeremy Brown - Piano CJ Chaplin - Drums Tom Wright - Guitar

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Available Music

Otis and the Elevators It Is What It Is

Otis and the Elevators Dark of the Night