Pelto's Barn

Pelto's interiorPelto's Barn is a smoke-free nightclub for adults 21 years of age and older. Pelto's hosts live music -mostly country - on the first and third Saturday nights from September through November and January - mid June. Pelto's The music goes from 7:00 - midnight. There is plenty of room for dancing and seating for up to 200 people. Pelto's Barn was first opened in June 1984 by Richard (Dick) Pelto. Dick was a very social man & loved nothing more than hanging out & having a few beers with his friends. Planning the business was the easy part, getting the necessary permits from the town proved to be the hardest. When he first approched the town about getting permits to build a building to hold dances in he was denied. When he changed tactics & asked for permits to build a barn, he was approved, hence, the name Peltos Barn.

Dick, along with his wife Sandy ran Pelto's until his death in 1992. With much debating and a heavy heart, Sandy decided to keep Dicks' memory alive by continuing his dream of providing a fun filled night of entertainment and socializing for his friends (new & old) & family.After Dicks death Sandy continued to run the club with the help of her daughter, Ronda. Sadly, Sandy passed away in 2006 after a short battle with cancer. The reins have been passed along to Ronda. Ronda plans on keeping the dream and memories alive for all her friends that she has met in the past and for all of those she hopes to meet in the future.


161 Bigelow Hill Road Troy, NH 03465 Phone: 603-209-2125

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