Rick and The Redhead

Rick and the Redhead"Rick" is Rick Ammons, a Vermont Public Defender, who has been playing guitar and singing around New England since he was a teenager.  He took a long time playing as a solo troubador and sideman in bands – from sea coast bars to city clubs and restaurants, including a summer stint on the streets and subways of Boston, to Vermont and New Hampshire ski lodges, taverns, and private parties.  Ultimately, Rick gave up the night-life to pursue a professional career.  In the past couple of years, he found a certain redhead and, with her,  found a way to put down his briefcase long enough to pick up his axe. "The Redhead" is Diane Kellner, the former Gap Mountain Breads owner and baker who, before that, was an international fraud investigator for fourteen years, leading to a partnership in a PI firm in NYC. To prepare herself for the risky business of raking the muck from Pakistan to Bangkok, Diane graduated from SUNY with a music therapy degree. Who WAS this girl's guidance counselor?  Anyway, her sweet contralto, fine piano work, vivacious personality, and warm good looks are a great addition to Rick’s smooth baritone and diverse rhythms.

Rick and The Redhead can bring to your restaurant, club, party-room, or backyard barbeque a nice mix of music -- whether you are looking for low-key atmosphere enhancement, or if you prefer more movement of the air for energetic entertainment, or a range of both, as the event requires -- all pretty good therapy, and all pretty much legal.

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