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Santa Croce Family The Santa Croce Band is six siblings who came from a home grown musical background. In three short years they have crafted original songs from a variety of genres, released a CD, toured throughout New England, and just recently signed on with a management company. The musicians are Brittany, (25) Rebecca, (22) Olivia, (18) James, (16) Robert, (15) and Gregory, (13).

Santa Croce was formed in the summer of 2011 after six siblings performed together spontaneously at a party. They had been singing together throughout their lives, and were exposed to many genres of music across the decades. With encouragement from Gary Skillings, they began performing short sets around the area until they increased their repertoire to a full concert.

By May of 2012, the siblings had eleven songs written by Brittany, Becca, and Olivia.They recorded their first release, At The Crossroads, named for this time in their young lives where they decided to commit to professional music making.

In the fall of 2013, the band signed on with MCM World Media. They went to Nashville to record an EP of four songs with Mark Carman. As the members of Santa Croce grow, their musical sound evolves. You hear many musical influences on their recordings and concerts -- world, folk, pop , indie with instrumentation that is as varied as their songs.

Members of the Band

Brittany Santacroce - Vaocals, mandolin, guitar, piano Rebecca Santacroce - Vocals, guitar, tin whistle Olivia Santacroce - Vocals, bass guitar, piano James Santacroce - Vocals, piano, ukulele Robert Santacroce - Vocals, banjo Greg Santacroce - Drums

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