Second Wind

Second Wind portraitSecond Wind is the music duo of Terry Ray Gould (guitar and vocals) and Suzi Hastings (vocals, percussion and guitar). Friends for 20 years and playing music together for 7 years, they have a way of bringing out smiles, laughter, and a true appreciation of the moment wherever they go . . . classy, definitely a bit sassy, and always fun. You will be amazed at the variety of songs this acoustic duo covers. Enjoy their brand of music played straight from the heart . . . with a touch of fire. Second Wind's music style falls into easy listening, folk/soft rock, with songs and a style that are instantly familiar, fresh and engaging. Songs cover all genres of popular music, covering female artists from ranging from Nora Jones and Bonnie Raitt, to Tracy Chapman and Taylor Swift, and male artists ranging from Lyle Lovett and Bruce Springsteen, to Bon Jovi and many more. Terry and Suzi, together as Second Wind, will make you smile, relax, kick off your shoes, sing out loud and enjoy the moment with friends.

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