SheepdipFive-piece dance band covers classic rock and roll favorites from the 70's and 80's. Spawned from a sandy beach beside a lake in Rindge, NH, Sheepdip is comprised of a group of old summer buddies who took to strumming acoustic guitars and drumming on cooler tops around beach campfires more than 20 years ago. Somewhere around the summer of 2002 we started to gather in a one room cabin near Pool Pond and tried playing electric instruments. Although it sounded pretty rough, those first attempts at playing electric rock & roll sparked something in all of us. That cabin has become our regular practice clubhouse and is now affectionately known as the Spillmore East.

That collection of old friends has evolved into a grizzled classic rock band that now plays out to packed houses. Sheepdip covers numerous classic rock songs and the list keeps growing. Look for us in the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire and come see us perform!

Our band name? You can say we stumbled upon Sheepdip in 1999 during one of those summer late evening campfires. We like it, it stuck. The name is good, the friendships are great.

Band Members

Dick Shelton Jim Connors John Gaudette Ken Smith Ron Patterson

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