Side Effects May Include (S.E.M.I.)

Side Effects May IncludeExperimental and minty Hard Rock/Metal for the distinguished person: Side Effects May Include was formed in 2010 by guitarists/vocalists Ty Snitko and Mike Corcoran. After a couple line up changes the roster was set in stone. The band has two CD's to their credit - From the Black and Dirty Ground (December 2012) and Side Effects May Include (January 2014).  Coming from varied musical backgrounds, their styles collide in a unique, high energy, musical and often brutal avalanche of sound. This band is constantly evolving and looking to break new ground with a teeth gnashing, mouth foaming fervor.  


Members of the Band

Mike Corcoran - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Rocca- Bass
Ty Snitko - Guitar, Vocals
Lindsay Champagne - Drums

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Available Music

SEMI album 2

SEMI Album 1