Tara Greenblatt Band

Tara Greenblatt Band"Luscious harmonies, decadent strings, groovy hand drumming, & poignant lyrics" is how percussionist Tara Greenblatt describes her music. Tara hails from Boston's vibrant folk scene and has been performing all over New England for over ten years. With her djembe drum Tara pounds out foot tapping, rhythmic landscapes to back her effortless, melodic, and soulful voice, accompanied by four stellar musicians. In a storyteller style, she draws you into life's light and dark currents. Cross-cultural relationships, love, the earth, the joys of simple life, motherhood, and the struggle to be true to oneself, are just some of the subjects she sings about.  


Members of the Band

Tara Greenblatt - Vocals, Djembe, Percussion Ramsay Thomas - Bass Lucio S. Eastman - Guitar Shana R. Hall - Backing vocals Grace Aldrich - Backing vocals

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Available Music

Tara Greenblatt Animal Planet

Tara Greenblatt River BellyTara Geenblatt Caught Between the Woods and the Road