The Cold River Ranters

Cold River RantersThe Cold River Ranters combine an American-rootsy feel with dashes of third world seasonings… The melodies reflect various cultural traditions – Appalachian, Irish, Celtic Brittany, African, even South Asian – but the band’s original lyric writings are one-of-a-kind.  Blood ‘n’ guts vocal stylings fuel the band’s high energy repertoire, balancing original inspirations with traditional roots.

Think acoustic, think folksy, but anticipate an edge beyond. A night with the Cold River Ranters is always a celebration!




WHO are the RANTERS?

  • Lemspter, NH’s own Skillet Walker on steel resonator guitar and vocals
  • Tom Jawbone of Keene and Acworth on banjo, flute, bagpipes, penny whistle, bones, jug, jaw harp and vocals
  • Nattie Carroll of Keene and Acworth on accordion and washboard.
  • Marek Bennett thumps out basslines on a 35-gallon steel drum with a banjo head and strings coming out of it.  Then he picks up a banjo, toy piano, or ukulele and plays that, too.
  • Duncan McElroy of Worcester, Massachusetts rounds out the group on occasion, on saxophone, clarinet, and his own patented percussive suitcase contraption.

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