The Folksoul Band

Folksoul BandThe Folksoul Band is a seven piece group that creates new music from old traditions, combining horns, vocals, wild rhythms, and New Orleans Mardi Gras spirit. We also work in smaller ensembles, sometimes as Lunatic Fringe,  or as The Folksoul Ensemble. Drawing new impulses from old traditions–it is the living tradition of Mardi Gras dance music and New Orleans that is celebrated here–the city that gave us Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino–the fathers of jazz and rock’n'roll. We go back to the roots to find the spirit that has its source Down There, and we follow its branches of Motown, Soul, and R&B, that reach out to all of us as Americans and even beyond. We go there with horns and guitar, keys, and rhythm, and stellar vocals covering all kinds of dance tunes, and we discover ourselves in the mix, as does our audience. It’s new and old music, coming out of the oldest and most vibrant of American traditions. The American Folksoul embraces all. This band enjoys a good Mardi Gras parade, with our trombone, clarinet, tuba, accordion and percussion, and we enjoyed parading with Granny D when she ran for US Senate in NH, and as we do in Peterborough every Children In the Arts Spring Festival, and during Mardi Gras season, and at our own Folksoul Music Festival.Our music is music that’s alive and gets the party going.

It’s dance music, with a natural and organic acoustic balance that does not rely on volume to reach people’s hearts and souls.No other band sounds quite like this one, or makes music exactly like it. It is high-spirited music generated by the musicians and the instruments themselves, and it’s an interesting assortment on both counts!

Members of the Band

Leslie Vogel – Piano and accordion Walden Whitham – Saxophone and Flute Karl Wilson – Tuba Tara Greenblatt – Drums Barbara Leavy – Balafon Phillip Sherwood – Guitar Fred Simmons – Trombone

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Folksoul Band Let It ShineFolksoul Something to Say