Version Six

Version 6Hire this band for a full night of dancing to a fantastic music mix. “Don’t waste the night, take a chance, come on and dance with me,” are the enticing lyrics from this southern New Hampshire rock band’s original called “Dance With Me.” The band Version 6 is primarily a cover band that plays a wide variety of dance tunes from the 60’s to today’s top hits. Genres include: classic rock, modern rock, alternative, country, pop, funk, soul, R & B, blues, boogie, garage, jam, southern, and grunge. The band also enjoys writing and playing original songs from time to time. Version 6 is willing to play most anywhere across New England.

With Paul Kohler as the lead singer, Kris Kleine on keyboards and lead/backup vocals; Mark Timney and Julio Delsesto handle the  guitar duties and Mark pitches in on vocals; John Roberts on bass guitar; and Chuck Mobilia on drums, Version 6 began putting together a solid night of music in 2010. As experienced musicians, they enjoy the art of blending many songs together in a lively way to keep people on their feet. Their music list continues to grow as they strive to learn newly suggested songs or artists. While Version 6 is a new band and just beginning to book events, we already have a following of people who enjoy the great talent and variety of music.

Version 6 uses quality professional equipment with plenty of sound power for any venue, but will not overpower any venue as we realize this can cause people leave.  The band also has access to professional lighting equipment which adds to a danceable atmosphere when needed.

This band is committed to providing great entertainment for large groups of patrons at any establishment. Version 6 will help promote events in any way it can to get people to attend. Using professional desktop publishing software, the band has the ability to make posters, flyers, etc. Version 6 also uses its’ own web-site and social media tools to promote events.

Band Members

Paul Kohler - Vocals Kris Kleine - Keyboards & Vocals John Roberts - Bass Chuck Mobilia - Drums Julio Del Sesto - Guitar Jon Blais - Guitar

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