Windham Orchestra

Windham Orchestra in concertFor over forty years the Windham Orchestra has served four important roles in the musical community: 1) Performing live orchestral music in Brattleboro and surrounding towns; 2) Providing a performance outlet for local amateur, student and professional musicians; 3) Educating local school children; and 4) Providing an orchestral ensemble for performance of music by local composers. With a regular membership of 45-60 players, the orchestra performs every season in a variety of venues throughout the region, from the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro to gymnasiums, churches and dining halls in the smaller villages. Each year we present at least one fine instrumental or vocal soloist with the orchestra. For more than 20 years, one concert has featured the winner or winners of the orchestra's annual Concerto Competition for High School Students, sponsored by Douglas Cox of Cox Violins.

Our members include amateur and professional musicians. Our members are teachers, doctors, artists, physical therapists, and writers. We also have among our members a veterinarian, a mediator, a violinmaker and a caterer. Each year we are joined by local high school aged students for some or all of our performances. Many local professional musicians donate their services to the orchestra. Our director is Hugh Keelan 

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