Yeehaw Jihad

Yeehaw Jihad April 2015Influenced by hoe-downs and the daily struggle, Yeehaw Jihad has been playing New Hampshire Acid Metal since 2011. Their songs span a range of styles, and their self-description says it all: "We've been told we sound like Primus and Black Sabbath had a mutant baby. We've also been told we sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top meet The Misfits with Glenn Danzig and Tom Waits singing."  Yeehaw Jihad began as a trio with Geoff Williams on guitar and vocals, Tom Tolman on bass and vocals, and Josh Turnbull on drums. Josh left the band in March and Yeehaw Jihad has now become a quartet. They released their first CD in November, 2014.  


 Members of the Band

Geoff Williams - Guitar, Vocals Tom Tolman - Bass, Vocals Matt Burpee - Guitar, Vocals John DiGeronimo - Drums

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