Zombie Beatdown

Zombie Beatdown in concert Zombie Beatdown is a Keene, NH based Punk Rock band whose sound is rooted in the origins of Punk Rock with influences from Oi, Street Punk, and Hardcore. Formed in 2010 by bassist and vocalist Eric, formerly of Ed Gein's Car, and Jersey's own Iron Mike, Zombie Beatdown wanted to bring their own brand of fun and energetic Punk to the Keene area. The lineup was solidified in 2011 with the addition of Tom on guitar and vocals. In the Spring of 2011 they recorded their first record, a self-titled album of 10 songs showcasing their fast and filthy style. in the summer of 2012 Zombie Beatdown recorded their follow-up effort, Punk Rock For the Masses as they continued to hone their sound. Zombie Beatdown is now focusing on building a scene in Keene, playing shows at every opportunity, showcasing the talents of other local Punk bands. If you have yet to experience their live show, get out there! You won't be disappointed. Come out and see what true Punk Rock is all about!

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Zombie Beatdown AlbumZombie Beatdown- Punk Rock for the Masses