Séamus Pender

Seamus PenderFrom the “Land of Song” to the “Land of Liberty” Ballads, Songs & Stories- Ireland to America! With Séamus Pender : Séamus is a professionally trained baritone who has performed his special blend of songs and stories in colleges, schools, libraries, museums, churches, pubs, coffee houses, and concerts throughout the United States. Séamus has been heard at Flanagan's, Rosie O'Grady's & John Barleycorn’s in NYC, The Emerald Isle in Chicago, Matt Talbot's & The Purple Shamrock in Boston, The Abby in New Orleans, The Driftwood in Lake Tahoe, Billie’s in Key West, The Irish Brigade in Kansas City, Matt Kane’s Washington DC, McGrath’s Killington VT, Mull’s Portland ME, Muldoon’s Providence RI, The Cantab Lounge & The Plough & Stars Cambridge MA, Brock's Hartford CT, The Canadian Club Miami, McGuire's Pensacola FL, The Century Club & The Parting Glass Cape Cod, Waxy O'Connor's Keene NH, The Tipperary Pub & Fiddler's Green Worcester MA, and many, many, many, many, MORE!

Séamus studied voice at the Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center in Key West, Florida, at The Bright Lights Vocal Jazz Workshop at The University of Massachusetts, with the Roy Hart Theater and the Linklater Voice Training Workshop.

Séamus is a collector of songs, a “Song Catcher,” specializing in the ballads, songs and lore of Ireland, but he also draws his rich repertoire from Scotland, Australia, the British Isles, and North America. Although he is steeped in the “Irish Song Tradition,” he often includes a wide variety of material in his programs that ranges from “The Great American Song Book” to “Country-Western” from Sing-a-Longs to Broadway Tunes; from Comic Ditties to Murder Ballads; and from Old Favorites to Work Songs and Sea Shanties.

Séamus not only sings the songs but tells their story by providing their histories and explaining their meanings. His shows are educational, entertaining and informative.

Séamus always encourages his audiences to join in the fun by clapping, singing along and by sharing a song, a story, a poem, or a toast and he is always eager to honor requests and to collect new material.

Séamus holds a Master’s degree in Creative Arts in Education and is a Senior Lecturer in the Humanities at Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, New Hampshire

Séamus is a recipient of numerous Massachusetts Art Grants and the Professional Development and Performing Artist Award from The Massachusetts Cultural Council and The Elder Arts Initiative. He is a long-time member of The American Conference for Irish Studies and Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (Society of the Musicians of Ireland).

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