Leon Trout

Leon TroutLeon Trout loves what they do. A multi-genre band, they have roots in rock, love jazz, dig reggae, can get down with bluegrass, and have a really good time locking into trance-like grooves that can be found with the best of the best jam bands out there. The chemistry, creativity, and energy that blossoms daily makes for exciting performances. Leon Trout formed in 2014 when guitarist Mitch Mitchell and drummer Roger Dumaine met and played together at Keene State College. They invited bassist Sam Slotnick, who was a student at Franbklin Pierce University, to join them and now they play like they have been together for years. The trio has been building a following in the Keene area and throughout the Monadnock region. They released their first CD Exit When Doors Open in April 2015. Members of the Band Mitch Mitchell – Guitar and Vocals Sam Slotnick – Bass Roger Dumaine - Drums

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