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If you'd like to perform at or help with the Keene Music Festival event, you can send us a note here. Anything marked with an asterisk is a required field. 


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What's the name of your act, and in three words or less, what style of music do you do?
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We do a lot of different things in the community, so let us know which events you are wanting to play at.
We get a LOT of submissions, so please be patient with us. As a rule, we tend to prefer original music for most of our events; though folks who do cover songs can still feel free to apply; and we'll fit you in where we can. Also, by sending us this message, you will be signed up for our newsletter. It's one of the ways we let folks know about other opportunities in our area.
We require that you provide us with a link to a website that we can hit up to learn about you and/or hear your music, please. Pretty please....
Our Required Disclaimer Regarding Compensation (our moms made us add this) *
While we wish we could give everyone gobs and gobs of money for performing, many of our event assume you are donating your time, or will be compensated in some small and non-monetary way. There are some events that include payment, which are always done to raise money for local charities.